Wind Sensors

WSS 500 & WSS 550


The ultrasonic measuring principle with no moving parts gives reliable performance without any wear-out problems and without requiring regular service. 

  • WSS 500 Without heating
  • WSS 550 With heating

WSS 700 & WSS 750


Two years of field testing in the North Sea and Norway's polar region has proven DEIF's new WSS 700 series of rugged wind sensors' reliability in providing superior wind measuring performance in all weather conditions. 

  • WSS 700 Without heating
  • WSS 750 With heating

XDi-N (wind)


The XDi Navigation version (XDi-N) is the top model of the XDi series of display-based indicators. Compact, easy-to-install, versatile and user-friendly, the complete range of XDi bridge indicators takes the well-known DEIF qualities in both product performance and logistic handling to a new level.

Interface Box WSI


The interface box is part of DEIF's complete system which comprises the WSS or WSS-L and the wind speed and direction indicator (the WSDI).

Wind Alarm WAU 100



A future-proof wind alarm to monitor wind speed and direction.