Controller Retrofit Solution

Retrofit and Maximise Availability

Do you encounter VRCC breakdowns, loss of production and high cost for replacement spares? 

Would you like to access your wind turbine data and increase energy production? 

Wind Turbines that are approaching 15 years old have obsolete control equipment, causing system failures and turbine downtime.  If you are experiencing the above issues, then you may want to consider retrofitting your existing control equipment with a DEIF solution.  Industrial Power Systems can offer a full retrofit solution, ensuring maximum availability, along with a 5 year warranty and guaranteed spare-part availability for 20 years.

Retrofit Solutions for Vesta Wind Turbines:

  • Vestas V27
  • Vestas V29
  • Vestas V39
  • Vestas V42
  • Vestas V44
  • Vestas V47

The above turbines use either a WMP3500 or WMP4400 Vesta Control System.  Industrial Power Systems provide a direct replacement control solution for these obsolete systems and offer a full retrofit service.

Benefits of a Retrofit Solution:

  • Maximum Availability
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 20 Year Supply of Spare-Parts


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